Who we are.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading non-state advocacy, research, standards, training, certifications and public health implementation organisation in West Africa

Our Mission

To strengthen West Africa’s public health institutional and systems capability and provide knowledge to achieve better quality health coverage and outcomes for all.

Our Goal

West African Institute of Public Health recognizes the fact that to achieve an optimum public health system in the West African region, there is need to meet the short fall of health professionals across the countries in the region, as well as to strengthen the knowledge base around implementation science and research.

"Building a new public health order for Africa requires stronger multidisciplinary approaches and growing a new generation of committed, visionary and innovative leaders working within public health functions and systems to leave no-one behind in ensuring quality service delivery.

The West African Institute of Public Health is the non-state regional public health organisation catalyzing this people and system-centered paradigm shift"
Dr Francis Ohanyido / Director-General, WAIPH

Our 8 Pillars


The design, development, and adoption of Common Core Public Health Standards (CCPHS) for training and professional certifications supported by the Council of Standards of the Strategic Advisory Board. The CCPHS are standards that set forth clear concepts that professionals need to know and meet up to ensure quality is met in the region.

Membership and Certification

The Academy of Public Health of the Institute is a professional membership body that ensures that professionals gain core hands-on public health skills of their field of expertise and also certify and rank their professional experience, training and achievements through a credentialing process.

Programme Implementation

The Institute undertakes subcontracts in projects and bids for open programme and projects in the public domain and also proposes programmes to donors in areas that will bear value to public health and health systems. It is thus open to work with critical partners to make this work and bring added value to collaborative platforms and consortia.


Public Health Research aims to shed light on the influence of the determinants of health, i.e. factors (genetic, environmental, social, etc.) which determine population health. The objective is to use this knowledge to propose interventions and policies, based on scientific evidence, to help improve health and well-being, and reduce health inequalities.

Consulting and Advisory Services

The Institute situates itself as a prime consulting outfit and undertakes consultancies within its core competencies in the development of the health sector, through its pool of consultants within its membership roll. It takes pride in being adaptable to the changing landscape of public health consulting that meet the complex 21st century space and required competencies that are required for the health development landscape.

Training, Education and Competency

The Institute undertakes to educate , reeducate and train health workforce in the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life , promoting health and wellbeing and securing our world from threats through organized systems and efforts of society. The training given is to develop specific public health skills and understanding of innovations, whereas education in public health is focused at systematized learning to drive public health functions.

Enabling Environment

The Institute works with government and partners to strengthen enabling environments around key health issues and determinants through evidence – based advocacy, policy works, campaigns, and supporting relevant policies including legislations. This is because the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched at the start of 2015 to create a vision for "leaving no one behind" and, in doing so, call for reaching those who are furthest behind first is an important clasp for the work of the Institute in its approach to strengthening the enabling environment for public health programmes.

Thematic areas

Public Health Strategies, Knowledge Management for Health Services, Health Institutional Capacity Reengineering, Public Health Research, Data Analysis, Monitoring & Evaluation, Programme Evaluation, Data Collection, Health Information and Communication Design, Health Surveys, Report Writing, Proposal Writing, Technical Assistance, Training, Health Programmes Design, Literature Reviews, Health Systems Research, Implementation Science, and Health Systems Strengthening and Health Project Management.