Call for Partnership and WAIPH Partners

Africa Medical Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Expo 2023

Africa Medical Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Expo 2023 is a dedicated event focused solely on supporting and developing the medical and pharma industry across Africa.

The aim is to bring all parts of the sector together so that new partnerships can be created, new ideas can be forged, best practices can be shared, and business can ultimately be done in a single place, and across two very exciting days in Nigeria. The West African Institute of Public Health is a partner organization in this event.

Health Sector Reform Coalition (HSRC)

As a member and chair of the Human Resource for Health Committee of the Health Sector Reform Coalition (HSRC) the leading health sector coalition in Nigeria.

The West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) participated in the stakeholder workshop with the political actors to position health sector issues on the front burner of political considerations ahead of the upcoming 2023 general elections.

G. H. Raisoni University, Saiheda, India

The West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) and G. H. Raisoni University (GHRU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in June 2022 to collaborate to enhance academic cooperation for innovation-driven public health capacity and knowledge development.

The two parties are collaborating to bring resources together to undertake strategic and mutually beneficial public health initiatives such as training, consulting, research, conferences, international student exchanges, academic career support, joint- programme implementation, scholarly publications, distinguished lectures and high-level international activities.

The goals also include the strengthening of onsite and online educational and training resources for the public health enterprise to bridge the skills-need gap in the West African region and India, as well as collaborate on brand development activities in the regions for better penetration.

White Ribbon Alliance (WRA)

The White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) advocates for women’s and girls’ health, rights, gender equality and well-being of which every woman and girl should determine the direction of her own life.

The West African Institute Health and the White Ribbon Alliance are partners in achieving the purpose of the White Ribbon Alliance, which is achieved through the mission to activate a people-led movement for reproductive, maternal and newborn health and rights.


Last year as part of the commemoration of the Africa Vaccination Week (AVW), which was celebrated between 23rd -29th of April 2022, one of the key activities which was organised by NIYEL was a visual dialogue series on routine immunization.

WAIPH collaborated with NIYEL a Dakar-based NGO through a visual discourse series on routine immunization, with the Director-General of the West African Institute of Public Health, Dr Francis Ohanyido as a guest of Kunle Idowu, aka "Frank Donga". The episodes discussed issues related to vaccination in Africa and why it is important for people to get vaccinated.

GWZ- Global Nutrition Cluster

Starting on October 1, 2021, the West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) joins the Global Nutrition Cluster as a Partner.

The West African Institute of Public Health and its Academy of Public Health supports the work of the Global Nutrition Cluster and its mission to promote and support nutrition as an integral part of humanitarian response and early recovery following emergencies.

The West African Institute of Public Health pledges to uphold the partnership values as well as the humanitarian ideals of humanity, the humanitarian imperative, impartiality, and independence. With this pledge, we declare our intention to take part in the monthly calls and international meetings of the GNC. We also commit to make a significant effort to support the GNC Workplan and the accomplishment of the GNC Strategic Plan.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

On the 29th August, 2022 the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), and West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate within the framework of the Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change and Health (ICCCH). The parties recognize the value and importance of the linkages between climate change and health and wish to collaborate in this area.

The mission of the ICCCH is to conduct research projects, organize professional events, and produce scientific publications that can improve the overall understanding of the links between climate change and health.

Some of objectives both parties want to achieve include; joint research projects on the links between climate change and health including doctoral studies, organization of professional events on this topic, elaboration of materials for the inclusion of issues related to climate change and health in the teaching programmes and training of BSc and MSc students, in order to inform and raise awareness among future health professionals and collaborative publication of research findings in scientific journals.

Africa CDC

Through data-driven interventions and programmes, Africa CDC increases the capacity and competency of African public health institutions as well as partnerships to identify and respond to disease risks and outbreaks swiftly and effectively.

The Institute partners with the Africa CDC to take exploratory steps toward the New Public Health Order and the Africa We Want using Digital Technologies.

Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI)

The West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) . joined the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) and the Allies Improving PHC and over 140 organizations endorsing the Open Letter urging leaders to prioritize primary health care as a 3-for-1 investment in universal health coverage, health security and better health and well-being towards a watershed for health milestones in 2023, which was delivered to key leaders and decision makers in health, including Dr. Tedros, the UN Group of Friends on UHC, the co-facilitators for the 2023 UN High-Level Meetings on UHC and Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response, and many more.

Every Breath Counts (EBC)

The Every Breath Counts Coalition is the world’s first public-private partnership supporting low- and middle-income countries to reduce pneumonia deaths, including from COVID-19.

The global coalition of UN agencies, businesses, donors, academic institutions and NGOs have committed to supporting governments in countries with some of the highest burden of pneumonia. The members provide support to close the critical gaps in pneumonia prevention, diagnosis and treatment, which could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

The West African Institute is an organization member of the EBC coalition. In many collaborative ways, WAIPH has engaged with the coalition. Both organizations hosted a town hall meeting which was facilitated by the Co-founder, Every Breath Counts, Ms. Leith Greenslade for the 2022 cohort of the YPPH programme on “Strategic global health alliances in delivering public goods: The experiences of a coalition builder”.

DevAxle Inc.

DevAxle Inc. is a development consulting firm invested into systems strengthening and sector development. DevAxle aims at building a consortium in Nigeria that would leverage robust WASH data for strengthening Advocacy in Primary Healthcare (PHC) and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) Programming while also fueling vigorous scientific and operational research in the latter (NTDs).

The West Africa Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) and DevAxle Inc. would be engaging focally with UNICEF and the parastatals of the government of Nigeria as well as affiliate development actors locally across the WASH, PHC and NTDs program areas; the projects are, by design, to consultatively draw on the strengths of global resource organizations as the COR-NTD, TDR and AIM.

The West African Regional ECHO (WARE)

The West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) joined the West Africa Regional ECHO (WARE) ecosystem.

The Extension for Community Health Outcome (ECHO) platform will enable WAIPH and WARE strengthen the training of public health practitioners and frontline health workers in West Africa.

Planetary Health Alliance (PHA)

The Institute is a major partner with the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) which is a consortium of over 320 universities, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and government entities from over 60 countries committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and its health impacts.

To support the rapid growth of a robust, interdisciplinary field of planetary health, the PHA works to:

Encourage and empower a diverse global planetary health community that crosses sectors, disciplines, generations, worldviews, and geographies.

Facilitate the education and training of current and next generation planetary health practitioners through the development and curation of open-access resources, mentorship and leadership opportunities, and programs from primary to university levels.

Mainstream planetary health science, stories and solutions through broad public outreach and direct engagement with civil society, private sector, general public and governments.

Promote actionable steps that individuals and society can take to advocate for and achieve progress toward planetary health.


The West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) and development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 28th day of March 2022.

The WAIPH is collaborating with the dRPC in the Partnership for Advancing Child and Family Health in Nigeria project through its Young Professionals in Public Health in 2020 where the two parties committed to research and capacity building that is evidence-based within the guidance and restrictions of non-lobbying advocacy in Child and Family Health. In order to build the ecosystem of a new public health order in Africa for public health leaders and the Africa we desire, we mentored and developed the competency of over hundreds of participants throughout the three tiers of our Young Professionals in Public Health (YPPH) programme. The programme was actively supported by The Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health at Scale (PAS), which is a health accountability network of Nigerian civil society organisations led by The development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC).

Some of the key objectives of the partnership is, to increase knowledge about effective models, actors and approaches for delivering vaccinations within the PHC system of Nigeria in general and of RI PHC service delivery in particular and to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation in the public health development community of the opportunities and challenges of engaging indigenous civil society organizations in public health policy and legislative advocacy.